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The Student Advisory Committee’s (SAC) mission is to enhance the overall experience of students serving as intermediaries between city, school and community to benefit each entity. The SAC provides and supports the Mayor’s Office through the development of, exposure to, and participation in programs and activities that service Warren residents. Students will develop leadership roles while preparing to be responsible citizens and providing support and assistance to the City of Warren’s programs.

Vision Statement:
The Student Advisory Committee’s vision is built on the values of “The City That Cares.” This vision encompasses the demonstration of mutual respect for others and provides a welcoming physical and social environment. The vision is grounded in a framework of student involvement through development of city-wide programs as students learn and discover how the city functions. Students develop an understanding of city government and its benefits to Warren residents.

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Contact the Mayor's office for additional information (586) 574-4520.

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"It was an honor to be surrounded by numerous leaders within the City of Warren on Thursday, April 7. Listening to the State of the City Address allowed the Student Advisory Committee to hear the progress in Warren, in addition to Mayor Fouts' reflection on the changing characteristics in our city. After sharing the improvements within our community, Mayor Fouts indicated the issues within Warren. It was reassuring to hear Mayor Fouts share his approach to fix these problems. He has a plan for every aspect in need of attention within this city. I am grateful that I was able to share this experience with my fellow members of the Student Advisory Committee as well as our Advisor Ms. Roxanne Garrish." - Gracie Morris

SAC Testimonials from Cromie After-School Program

“The kids seemed to really enjoy the activities as well as learn new skills. The fact that the kids liked the event made the preparation and the money spent on supplies worth it. I think this program should be conducted again next year because it was a positive event that made a good impact on the kids.” - Heidi Russo.

“The Cromie Mentoring Program was a fun experience. The kids especially seemed to like the science table because it gave them a hands-on experience. I think they liked this event because it felt more personal than an original classroom setting. They came in groups of 3-6 students, as opposed to classrooms of 30 or more. The mentoring helped them be excited about learning again.” - Jacob Nadolsky.

“Cromie was a great experience to be able to take some of the science and research done at MMSTC and apply it to fun and educational lesson for elementary school students. Since we ran the science table, it was interesting to see the students faces light up when we made volcanoes explode or made rainbow slime. Overall, it was an amazing experience and a very rewarding one.” - Joshua Ahearn.

“Because I love science so much, it was extremely rewarding to see how the elementary schoolers reacted to our activity. They were able to see that science is not only a school subject, but it is involved in everyday life, and it was fun for me to help them realize this.” - Maddie Burgin.

“I had a wonderful time mentoring the kids at Chromie. They all seemed very excited to be there and interested in the activities we had planned. It was very rewarding to be able to teach the children about various science terms while also allowing them to see the science come to life. I hope we were able to make an impacting impression to inspire them to explore science in the future, and were able to show them that science can be fun!” - Isabel Fiori.

SAC Testimonials from Superhero Party:

“The Superhero Night was a unique experience, which allowed the kids to be a superhero for one night! The kids, parents, and volunteers all had fun!" - Madeline Oles

"The Superhero Party was a blast filled with excited kids, carnival games, and exciting Superhero moments. The whole night was filled with action." - Julia Sanko

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