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Snow Removal Policy

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  • Warren city ordinances require that all property owners remove snow from their sidewalks 12 hours after the snow stops. This applies to all property owners, residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Warren Code of Ordinances, Section 34-60: "the occupant of any premises, or owner of any unoccupied premises, is required to keep the sidewalks in front of or adjacent to such premises cleared, so far as is practicable and reasonable, from snow and ice to facilitate pedestrian use.
  • "Where there is no sidewalk, the occupant or owner shall clear a path free from snow and ice where sidewalk would otherwise be to facilitate pedestrian use. Whenever any snow or ice has fallen or accumulated, it shall be cleared within 12 hours after it has fallen or accumulated."
  • Citations may be issued to violators plus costs/fees and other sanctions if the city has to remove snow.


City Snow Alert Policy

  • The Mayor declares a snow alert.
  • The snow alert is announced on radio and TV broadcasts, including TV Warren, the city's cable station.
  • All motor vehicles and trailers MUST be removed from any city street.
  • Vehicles which have a license plate or properly placed placard designating the vehicle for disabled parking are EXEMPT from the parking restriction.
  • Those vehicles with disabled parking license plates or placards should be parked AS CLOSE TO THE CURB AS POSSIBLE.
  • Once a street is cleared of snow or ice for the ENTIRE LENGTH of the street, snow alert parking restrictions are lifted.
  • All sidewalks will be cleaned 12 hours after the snow stops.
  • Who is responsible for plowing the streets?


Snow Removal Facts

  • The Warren DPW maintains 316 miles of local roads, 65 miles of major roads and many bridges.
  • Normal clearing time of all city roads is 24 hours after the storm has ended.
  • Plowing of all side streets will be done if there is over 4 inches accumulation of snow.
  • Snow Alert Ordinance has increased efficiency.
  • DPW has nine drivers and one mechanic on stand-by every night during cold weather months.
  • The city has 13 front line plow trucks with 2 back-ups.  The city also has 10 small dumps with plows, one road grader, two back-hoes, and one end loader.
  • The salt barn capacity is 5,000 tons.
  • Average use of salt is 10,000 tons annually.
  • Cost of salt is up approximately 25%, currently $48.55 per ton.
  • Warren DPW is budgeted to plow out the entire city at least 10 times per year (average 2 to 3 times per year).
  • Can call upon other city divisions for manpower and equipment in case of major blizzard.
  • Under Mayor Fouts’ administration, streamlined maps and computerized salt applications have been added to provide more efficient services at a reduced cost.


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