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Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commission

Would you like to be on one of Warren's 25 boards and commissions?
Click here to download an application.

Once you've printed it out, fill it out and return it to the Mayor's office in one of the three following ways: in person; by mail (One City Square, Suite 215, Warren, MI 48093); or by e-mail, as an attachment, to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may also stop by the Mayor's office to pick up and complete an application, as well.
For more information, call the Mayor's office at (586) 574-4520.

Animal Welfare Commission
Patrick Burger
Judge John Chmura
Tim Dail
Beth Keller
Catherine A. Palma
Joan Szynkowski
Michelle Tooroian

Beautification Commission
Eleanor Bates
Connie Bonkowski
Marilyn Kay
Nancy Keen
Michelle Nard
Genie Palmer
Carol Peterson
LaRiene Sjo
Ex-Officios: Kelly Colegio

Board of Review
Faisah Ahmed
Tula Fotenas
James Kolar
Suzanne Lewandowski
Warren Wynn

Board of Zoning Appeals
Chuck Anglin
Gary Boike
Henry Brasza
Sherry Brasza
Jeremy F. Fisher
Judy Furgal
Roman T. Nestorowicz
Albert Sophiea
Jeremy Wallace
Ex-Officio: Cecil St. Pierre

Wally Hannawa
Gary A. Kiesgen
Daniel A. Pasque, Chairman
Mark Rusch
James Yarema

Building Authority
Jack Becher
Mark Wyer
Ex-Officio: Scott Stevens
Civil Service Commission
David Jakubowski, Vice-Chairman
Robert Kowatch
Boris Muchnij, Chairman
Michael Wiecek
Terry Wisniewski

Compensation Commission
Merle H. Loch
Vicki Maximiuk
Rami Rashdan
Ray Santowski
Wanda Selengowski
Patrick Simms

Construction Board of Appeals
James Cummins
Vincent Israel
Elwood McGarey
Christopher Popp
Mike Schajter

Council of Commissions
Laura Bailey, Commission of Disabilities
Jack Becher-Building Authority
Jeff Cutter, Cultural Commission
James Kolar, Board of Review
Cathy Lawson, Senior Health Care Commission
Merle Lock - Compensation
Genie Palmer, Beautification Commission
Richard Palmer, Library Commission
Rebecca Anderson, Historical Commission
Christopher Popp, Construction Board of Appeals
Roger Roy, Crime Commission
Nathan Vinson, Planning Commission
Ken Voss - Parks and Recreation
Jeremy Wallace - ZBA

Crime Commission
Tracey Antrikin
Gena M. Benson
Connor Berdy
Elaine Gulock
Keli Renee Kalvinski
Kelly Kelmar
Rex Marshall, Vice Chair
Joseph Minano
Michael Riley
Richard A. Rosati
Roger Roy
Barbara Tate-Renaud
William Dwyer, Commisioner, Warren Police Department
Kelly Colegio, City Council

Cultural Commission
Jeff Cutter
Elaine DePalma
Brandon McCarron
Keri A. Pruse
Rustico Teodoro
Paula Wild
Ex-Officio: Steven Warner

Disabilities Commission
Laura Bailey
Wanda Baum
James E. Busch
Giuseppe Gianino, Treasurer
Rita Shutran, Chairperson

Downtown Development Authority

Mayor James R. Fouts, Chairperson
Dennis Bostick
Gregory Jackson
Nicholas Lavdas
Tom Petzold
Hank Riberas
Joseph Vicari, Vice-Chairperson
Michael Wiegand
Oscar Zamora
Tom Bommarito, Director of Department of Community, Economic & Downtown Development
Ex-Officio: Keith Sadowski

Employee Retirement Board of Trustees
James R. Fouts, Mayor
Christine Cassani

Stanley O'Connor
Richard Sabaugh, Mayor Designee
Keith Sadowski
Rick Traub
Ex-Officios: Keith Sadowski

Historical Commission
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (586) 258-2056

Rebecca Anderson
Becky Hetchler, Treasurer

Suzanne Keffer, Chairperson
David F. Rent 
Darlyne Slicker, Vice-Chair
Christopher L. Werner

Madelyn Zamora, Secretary
Ex-Offiicio: Robert Boccomino

Housing Commission
Richard Fuhrman, Chairman
Ken Kaercher
Melody Magee
Thomas Miller
Charmaine Wood
Ex-Officio: Robert Boccomino

Library Commission
Chris Doebler, Vice Chairman
Zofia Sylwanowicz Ladak
Annette Majka
Donald McIntosh, Secretary
Lorie Barnwell, City Treasurer Trustee
Richard Palmer
Frank Pasternak, Chairman
Ex-Officio: Kelly Colegio

Parks & Recreation Commission
Kenneth Dalpra
Brian Goul
Eric Graybill
Michael McCrillis
Bob Newcomb
Taras Sawka
James D. Schoenherr
Geri Slaght
Ken Voss
Ex-Officio: Steven G. Warner

Planning Commission
Sultana Chowdury
Natasha Houghten
Jocelyn Howard, Chair
John Kupiec, Vice Chair
Jason McClanahan, Secretary
Syed Rob
Claudette Robinson
Warren G. Smith, Jr., Assistant Secretary
Nathan Vinson
Ex-Officios: Cecil St. Pierre
Ex-Officios: Kelly Colegio

Police & Fire Civil Service Commission
Kathy Miller

Robert L. Plotzke
Stan Sobecki
Ex-Officio: Cecil St. Pierre
Ex-Officio: Kelly Colegio

Police & Fire Retirement Commission
Frank Badalamente
Lawrence Garner, Secretary
Lorie Barnwell, City Treasurer
Gregory Paliczuk, Commissioner
Scott Salyers, Vice-Chairperson

Ex-Officio: Cecil St. Pierre

Senior Health Care Commission
Marian Battersby
Valarie Ann Childs
Moses Coleman
Maureen Elliot
Jay-Michael Jackson
Cathy Lawson
Gary McMenamin
Kali Miller
Tina Petersmarch
Jodi Zych

Sidewalk & Tree Board of Review
Jeff Dunn
Mary Miller
Michael Tyro

Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA)
Susan McHugh Cilia
Hassen Charara
Roy Gruenburg
Walter (Lucky) Hage
Hilary Kutella
Shant Shirinian
Mark Taylor
Joseph Tringale
Maher Waad
Tom Bommarito,

Village Historic District Commission
Frederick "Rick" Anderson
Candyce Best
John DeDecker, Chairman
Cynthia Hogan, Secretary
Sarah Lietz
Nickolas Spanos
Valerie Tarquini
Ex-Officio: Keith Sadowski

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