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Purchasing Department


Craig Treppa
Purchasing Agent
(586) 574-4636
Suite 425
One City Square
Warren, MI 48093-5289

General Information / Receptionist
Phone: (586) 574-4639
Fax: (586) 574-4614

Encumbrance & Invoice Auditing  Vendor Names A-L
Shanah Turner
(586) 574-4638

Encumbrance & Invoice Auditing Vendor Names M-Z & Clothing Allowance
Michelle Patterson
(586) 574-4637

Under Sec. 2-333 of the Warren Code, the City of Warren, Michigan requires "Departments, divisions, offices and agencies to procure all equipment, material, supplies and services through the purchasing division of the Office of the Controller. The Office of Purchasing is not responsible for school districts within the City of Warren.

The primary objective of the Office of Purchasing is to procure goods and services for the City Departments and Divisions, for which it acts as an agent, through the use of sound, prudent, and consistent purchasing practices. Political and arbitrary considerations do not affect awards. The Office of Purchasing makes decisions in the City's, and therefore its citizens', best interests.
All qualified vendors, whether individuals, small businesses, or large corporations, are invited to compete for the city's business.

In order to best serve the interests of city government and the business community, the Office of Purchasing utilizes, to the maximum extent possible, contracts of one or more year's duration where it makes economic sense to do so. Therefore, goods or services which lend themselves to contracts will be solicited far more infrequently than those with usage that does not warrant a contract.

City of Warren, Michigan

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