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Service Requests

The City of Warren has created an internal Citizen Response Network to handle Non-Emergency requests for service. Any city worker may assist you with local government service requests and general information.

We encourage you to:

Search Knowledge BaseSearch Knowledge Base: Access general information such as Garbage or Recycling policies, the process of obtaining a Building Permit, or how to obtain an Animal license or Park Pass, or log in to check a service request status.

Create a Service Request OnlineCreate a Service Request: Request for a service such as a pothole repair, missed garbage, streetlight out, or abandoned vehicle.

Service Request via Iphone AppCreate a Service Request using Smartphone:
Install Free Iphone Application
Install Free Android Application


Service Request via PhoneCreate a Service Request via Telephone: If you prefer to call us during regular business hours, our main directory for city departments is (586) 574-4500. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that if you cannot find the service request or information you’re looking for, go to the “Create Service Request” section and choose “Ask a Question”. Please be sure to leave a daytime phone number or email address so we can get back to you the next business day. Thanks.



City of Warren, Michigan

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